About Champion Boxers Fitness Training.

This fitness service is aimed at members of the public who require a prestigious personal training service as they are either seeking to commence physical training or want to take their training to the next level in pursuit of their individual developmental goals. We offer a wide variety of personal training sessions.

Services range from nutritional advice to resistance training, flexibility training, cardiovascular training, sports conditioning, sports massage and outdoor training.


We at Champion Boxers Fitness Training envision individuals that attain a suitable work-life balance, using physical training as a catalyst to facilitate a mindset of personal excellence. A means to fulfil their potential in all that they do.

To realise this vision, we aim to foster and provide bespoke personal fitness training solutions in the City of London and surrounding area.

We will provide expert advice and encouragement to enable goals to be met and improvement gains to be made. We will identify and harness tailored training plans with our clients and drive them toward ongoing development by encouraging the transformation of those plans into achievable goals.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements or any questions you may have.