Here is a selection of the type of training and education we give

Nutritional advice
aims to promote a healthier lifestyle, increase energy levels, develop a stronger heart and enhance general well-being. Individual consultations, food diary assessments and recommendations will help deliver this service.

Sports conditioning
is training that is sport specific to maximise the participant’s potential. This involves creating a customized fitness programme for the individual’s role in sport.

Core training
improves the stability of the trunk so the limbs can work more effectively improving overall posture. In relation to ergonomics this can reduce work place absenteeism due to back pain caused by bad posture.

Flexibility training
decreases the risk of injury while increasing mobility. A whole body stretching routine can be vital in improving the ability to do work and daily living activities.

Muscular strength
training increases muscle strength, size and bone density. Specialised and individualised resistance training packages will be designed to cater for individual needs.

Cardio-vascular training
increases the efficiency of the heart and vascular system. A diverse array of cardiovascular fitness approaches will be available to choose from. Programmes range from those suitable for sedentary individuals and athletes.

Outdoor training
introduces different environments and ways to exercise so as to challenge and stimulate clients. This is an opportunity to challenge oneself in different surroundings.